Winter Solstice Is a Time for Introspection and Awakening Light

by Diana Rankin

The winter sun
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Winter Solstice comes at me always unexpected as the days shorten and the nights lengthen. Loneliness can overtake me in the darkness, leaving me feeling empty of energy, and I must remind myself to turn the loneliness into one of deep introspection and honor the sacredness of turning inward.

As I witness the daylight move so quickly away, I want to hold onto it, and I remind myself to remember that all life is a coming and going, with a few precious moments for each experience. As the participant in life’s movement, I must stay present lest I miss the richness that presents itself in the moments of my life. I remind myself of the value in darkness as I let go of the need for more light. As the great bear in the West goes into her cave, I too am led into the cavern of my inner world.

It is within the inner world where I find both the richness and the horror that is my personal human experience that expresses itself out into the world. I come face-to-face with my beauty and my unkindness; with my success and with my faults and failures. It is where who I am and whom I want to be smack up against each other and I cannot hide the truth of my thoughts and actions from myself. It is here, in this inner world, that I am able to delve into myself and move beyond to the point of creation of that which I want to be and want to manifest within my personal world and for the greater world. It is here in my inner world that I meet my ancestors and the ancestors of all. It is here in this inner world where I soar through imagination into other worlds and gather together with beings of immense wisdom and knowledge that I then bring back to my world.

As I remember what awaits me in my inner world, I remind myself to allow the darkness to linger just a little longer in the morning and the daylight to leave at its appointed hour in the evening.  As I let go and give myself over to the shortening of the days as we draw closer to Winter Solstice, a voice from my inner world gives me the gift of knowing that on the awakening of the day following Winter Solstice the light begins to lengthen as the days begin once again to grow longer.










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