Winter Solstice: a Time for Healing the Dangerous Hate

by Diana Rankin

The U.S. is going through a difficult time. It is a time where individual hate and fear has grown into collective hate and fear. This creates a dangerous time for a nation and the people. It also creates a dangerous time for the world.

This is not an easy time we live in but then who has it written on their birth certificate that this one shall have an easy life? We’ll get through this and be the stronger for it, even if we have a few scars. But how? How will we get through this difficult and dangerous time of hate and fear?

With love. I’m not talking about romantic love or namby-pamby, wishy-washy love; I’m talking about the strength of character love that forces us to look inside our own shadow self and bring forth the light. I’m talking about facing our fears, our prejudices, our unkindnesses, and lack of generosity, our dislikes and still being kind and loving to ourselves as we learn to one-by-one root out those deep-seated fears and with love and understanding dismantle them until we are able to forgive ourselves and love the all of who we are.

Rewriting old patterns is never easy. Sometimes it’s fun; often it’s not. But on the other side is the new pattern that allows us to be kinder, gentler, more loving to all—starting with ourselves.

It’s the only way to heal the nation and the world—to first heal ourselves. When we exchange our fears for love, we are able to recognize the person who hates is just another human being who has not yet recognized the wound within. Without this recognization of our inner wound, we live in fear, anger, hate. We create an enemy to make us feel better but in doing so we deny the enemy is within us.

It is time as we move toward Winter Solstice to look within, to be open to the healing of our wounds so we can hold the hearts of our private world and the greater world.

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