What Is the Spiritual Path?

by Diana Rankin

In these times of turmoil in the U.S. and in our world, what does being on our spiritual path mean? Is the spiritual path living in an ashram or monastery? On a hilltop or in a cave? Is it spending many waking hours in meditation and prayer?

It is all of these and none of these. There are those who are to live in convents or temples and spend their days in prayer. For most of us, however, we have spent other lives cloistered in the silence of the abbeys or sanctuaries. In this life, the one we live today, our spiritual path is how we live in the world and the way we conduct our lives.

The spiritual path is living in a world of opposites and finding the cooperation and bringing to all people help and hope; it means living in a world of chaos and being peace; it means finding light in the darkness and beauty in the ugly; it means at times overlooking the other's humanness and seeing them through spiritual eyes of love; it means getting up to let the dog out when all we want to do is roll over and pull the covers back up; it means setting healthy boundaries even when it may hurt your heart; it means speaking kindness instead of spewing anger; it means fully embracing our humanness while all the time knowing we are spiritual beings.

The spiritual path will ask us to give our all, and once we give our all, more will be asked of us. This is not an easy path; it is a path that throws us down again and again until we surrender and stop trying to get back up, and then, and only then, will we be lifted. This is a path that breaks our hearts again and again until we allow our hearts to open. This is a path that tells us of the greater future only in glimpses but leads us step-by-step in the direction we are to go. This is a path that creates chaos so the greater creation may come into being.

No, this is not an easy path, and yes, we can say no . . . but only for the moment. In the end we shall all choose to answer the calling of our souls and step into our sacred spiritual path. It is there we shall gladly walk through the coals to find out who we truly we are. Then we shall know joy greater than we could ever imagine.

Welcome to the spiritual path.

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