Welcome to 2019

by Diana Rankin

What a privilege it has been to interact with all of you this past year. It’s been wonderful connecting with friends all over the world, renewing old friendships, and meeting new friends.

Indeed I’m grateful for each of your comments. It’s always nice to know there are friends out there.

I’m also thankful for those who disagree with me. As long as the disagreement is respectful it allows me to see another’s point of view. Regardless of whether I disagree or agree, civil dialogue is always good to open our minds to what another is experiencing.

Today, we turn the calendar into the new year – 2019 – which brings with it a great excitement for that which is to come while also allowing us to remember in reverence that which we leave behind.

The year past has been a trying one for many and certainly for the U.S. and for the world. We welcome 2019 with hope, yet we know that we face many challenges – global warming, debt crisis, health care trials, escalating violence. Still, in spite of the challenges we face as a nation and as a world, I believe those in the future will look back at us and see this time as a great shift in our humanity.

As we become the ancestors and the history of a foregone era, we will be seen as ushering in a time when people listened to their inner stirrings and answered the call to become their greatest self. In doing so, we become a society of sharing, using and repurposing that which we have instead of worshiping the newest material possession. We become better stewards of our planet instead of using her resources to extinction. We live with greater awareness of all sentient beings and offer our hands rather than our backs to others.

We let go of our own fears of what is between the past and the unknown future and we step forward with courage, fortitude and certainty that we are on our right path, even when we do not know where that path is taking us. We step up and step out as we are called to a greater awareness of ourselves, our life’s work, and our commitment to help usher in a time of greater humanity, a time of greater compassion for – and kindness to – all. We help to usher in a time of peace and harmony for our planet.

I vow to you to do my best to live up to my calling this year of 2019. I ask that you help me hold the energy to do so as I will hold the energy for you. We are not in this alone, but together, and together we will move in a direction that when the future looks back at us they will know a shift to greater humanity took place and that we, their ancestors, made it possible for them to live in greater harmony among themselves and with all life.

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