Speeches and seminars for community, education, and business leaders

What Is Visionary Leadership?

Visionary Leadership empowers and inspires leaders and future leaders with a clear and compelling vision of success for their organizations, their communities, and for the benefit of the world.

Why Is Visionary Leadership Needed?

Today's world requires more of our leaders than ever before. Visionary leaders are being called to find extraordinary and humanistic ways of dealing with each other, with employees, with community, and with the world. Visionary leaders are being asked to listen to the ancient call of community, to enter the circle and practice the art of soulful attention to the way we conduct all aspects of our lives, our businesses, and our communities.

Visionary leaders are being called to put aside the prevailing practices that limit their inner genius and the genius of the institution or community. Today's leaders must challenge the fundamental ideas of organizations and open to new ways of recognizing individual contributions. Today's leaders must be able to step into the stewardship of leading their organizations and communities through a changing and challenging world.

Visionary leaders are able to find the soul within their organizations or communities and nurture its breakthrough into the world that the organization or community–and the world–might be made better by its presence.

Leaders for the Future

As world citizens, as well as corporate and community citizens, visionary leaders take on the tasks of provoking breakthroughs to the greatest potential for their organizations and communities. Visionary leaders are being called on to expand their sense of the possible and take their human vision past the ordinary. Visionary leaders are being called to be part of something extraordinary; these leaders are being called to expand their human potential to a wider and greater depth, to experience that which challenges the minds and excites the spirit.

Today's world requires corporate, community, and educational leaders to step forward with innovative projects and courageous adventures in leadership. The world requires visionary leaders who are caring and courageous to answer the call of their place in the world.

Speeches and Seminars

Speeches, seminars, and workshops are developed to answer the particular call of each organization. Topics covered include:

  • Discover ideas at the leading edge of thinking

  • Create community within the workplace
    Form the extraordinary from within the ordinary

  • Reweave worn out patterns into new, valuable patterns

  • Make a difference in the individual organization, the community, and the world.


  • 20 minutes to 2 hour dynamic,informative speeches

  • 1 day to weekend-long thought provoking seminars and powerful, experiential workshops

What People Are Saying About Visionary Leadership:

"When I attended Diana's first workshop, I was stunned at her total love and acceptance of me and everyone else there. Her presence was delightful, loving, open, joyous, fascinating. I couldn't get enough of it. At the age of 63 I had decided to just give in to old age and be boring and bored. But Diana's never-flagging belief in me and her insistence that I should step into my own greatness kindled a fire of life within me."

Christine Dull
Author of Soviet Laughter, Soviet Tearsnglewood, Ohio

"The workshop opened a world to me I had only glimpsed before. My life changed deeply and dramatically for the better."

Rita Coleman
Writer, educator, photographer
Xenia, Ohio

"In the workshop I was introduced to the depth and intensity of Diana's wisdom, translated into teachings. Here is where doors began to open for me on a personal and spiritual level. Her workshop is a beginning for those who want to take on all that you have in yourself and find, and accept, all that you are, all that you can be."

Richard Vorpe
Dayton, Ohio

"This magical workshop uplifts one's soul and affirms the power of one's spiritual imagination."

Rev. Claire Kruthaupt
Huber Heights, Ohio

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