Use Color for a Stress-Free Holiday

by Diana Rankin

One night I woke in its middle and could not go back to sleep. I tried everything I know – meditation, soft music, a relaxation technique, writing, reading, etc. – nothing worked. After a couple hours of allowing myself to indulge in worry about not being able to sleep with a busy day coming closer, I became frustrated and irritable. When one of my cats pounced on me and I jumped scared, I realized how stressed I was. Of course I couldn’t sleep. Then it came to me.

Before falling asleep earlier in the night, I gave myself the suggestion that while sleeping I would work through my talk for the upcoming Sacred Circle. So this waking up in the middle of the night had something to do with my talk – as did a way to change this mood and get a few hours of restful sleep. It was then I thought of color.

I asked myself what color my mood was. It was putrefied, oozing, dark, bloody, pulpy, decaying, dark red. Then I thought of a different color, changing this ugly red to a soft, petal pink. Immediately I calmed down. When changing the thought of the color, my mood also changed. I was even able to sleep peacefully. What an easy way to change your mood!

Colors may have different connotations for you. Below is my list of the emotions I attach to different colors. I suggest you make up your own list, or use the colors associated with the seven major charkas. You’ll most likely find what I did – that my emotional response to colors is close to the emotional (positive or negative) qualities of each charka.

Once you know how you respond to different colors, you can change your mood by changing thoughts of color. You can also choose specific colors to wear to help you. For example, if you are in need of physical healing, you might wear green. Or, if you need more energy or want to be noticed, wear a bright red. If you need grounding, wear earth tones such as shades of brown, and so on. You can do the same with colors in your home. Think about the color of your sheets and blankets. Are they calming or exciting?

Color is an easy and effective way to help you live a calmer, happier, and less stressful life.

Charka Colors

  • root                       red/black
  • naval                     orange
  • solar plexus        yellow
  • heart                     green/pink
  • throat                   sky blue
  • brow                     indigo (dark blue)
  • crown                   violet

My list

  • pink                 happiness, joy, love, softness, compassion, healing energy
  • green               healing, cleansing
  • red                   anger, frustration, passion, energy, power
  • purple              service, royalty
  • brown              grounding, earthy
  • black                      grounding
  • white                    spiritual
  • gold                       spiritual, success
  • blue                       calming
  • yellow                   energetic, happiness
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