The Day After the 2016 Presidential Election

by Diana Rankin

The Day After the 2016 Presidential Election

Today is a day to catch our breath and reflect. For some of us it's a day to mourn, for others it's a day to celebrate. For all of us it's a day to stay in the grace of Love. The U.S. is a democracy that can no longer stand the dividedness this election has brought. The vote has been counted and we must respect the chosen President-elect of the majority of the people.

This is not a time to lash out in anger. There has been enough of that. This is a time to reach out to our neighbors and offer comfort where there is fear, light where there is darkness, a hand of help where there is confusion.

This is not a time to blame, or is it a time to gloat. It is a time to speak with grace, calmness, and love when the other speaks words of anger and hate. It is not a time to arm ourselves in fear of our neighbor. It is a time to help still the fears of the gun holder, to remind the bully he too is loved but his words are unacceptable, to speak against the fear monger and remind her she too is deserving of respect but her actions are harmful and will not be tolerated.

It is the time to hold our heads high and stay in the energy of Love, for that indeed is the only thing that will heal the divide and heal our world. Now is the time to walk our talk of loving kindness and show all people compassion and understanding, even for those who cannot show it to themselves or to others.

Love is an action verb; it is not passive. Take action, but first ask yourself if this action is being taken in love or fear. Take action, speak, write, work to change the world, get involved and do so through love, not fear or anger, but LOVE.

We create the energetic pathway for others to find and follow by how we live our lives. Let's make the path of Love bigger so all can find it more easily.

It may not seem so at the moment, and the darkness will increase before the dawn, but remember this: the sun will come up.


The question has been put to me: what do we do now? We get up and feed our children and take care of our pets. We go to work and come home and make dinner and wash dishes and rake leaves. We live our lives. We hug each other, cry on each others' shoulders, stomp our feet and shout, and then we return to the daily sanctity of our day-to-day lives.

Before any great change, all that is unlike the new that is to come will surface. The cleansing must take place and each one of us have signed up for this time in history. We must hold hands and hearts and stay in the Divine Light of Love. Let us help President Obama and President-Elect Trump make a smooth transition and hold the new President and Congress in prayer for peace and the caring and treatment of all people — all people — equally. Please hold Hillary in your prayers and healing energy and also our nation, the world, and each other. Thank you.

 ©2016 Diana Rankin

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