Summer Solstice Shift

by Diana Rankin

storm passing The energies shifted this Summer Solstices.  They lightened up. It feels like a division of that which isn’t to be has left and that which is to be will now shine.  It’s a subtle shift, and yet quite a strong one. Certainly it’s an interesting shift.

Before the shift, I had a couple of the roughest days that I’ve experienced in years. I could point to a dozen different reasons why, and I could tell you it was this or that, but in truth it was an accumulation of things that built up over weeks coupled with a few difficult occurrences that led to difficult decisions. It all came together Saturday when tears of frustration and anger reaches that point where there’s nothing left to do but to surrender.  It was then that I was able to let go of what I wanted life to be and flow with what life was.

And then the sun came out. When it did, I was able to move into a familiar place of excitement for life, a place of gratitude and joy, a place I had walked away from, longed for, but had to go through what I went through to get here. I think of this process as one of walking off my front porch and getting lost in the woods. I don’t immediately recognize that I’m lost, and when I do, finding my way back home is rarely easy. It takes everything I’ve got and the use of every tool I know—reaching out to a friend, meditating, breathing, walking while repeating an affirmation, praying, reading, journaling, stretching myself physically, and finally surrendering to the process and letting go. It is then I will see the front porch light shining through the darkness and know that I have somehow found my way home. As I reach the front porch, I remember that life is unfolding in miraculous ways, which may not be the way I wanted life to be or what I thought it would be, but in ways that I will come to understand are greater than I had dreamed it could be.

I am grateful for the shift that came this Summer Solstice. Leading to the shift was one of the most difficult I’ve experienced in a long time, which is perhaps what makes this side of the shift all the sweeter.

©2014 Diana Rankin

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