Diana gifts you with readings to help guide your life in the following areas:

  • Life’s path
  • Relationships
  • Careers
  • Prosperity and abundance
  • Your spiritual journey and development
  • Your personality and how it helps and hinders you
  • Your health and well being
  • Your soul’s deepest desires for the highest purpose of your life
  • How you can live the life of your dreams
  • Talk with loved ones’ who have passed over
  • Talk with your angels, spirit guides, and celestial teachers

Diana holds your hand and your heart—whether in person or during a phone reading—with love as she speaks with you about your life.  Her guidance is practical and grounded in reality while at the same time she gives you ways to help your spirit soar to new heights of joy.

Diana is gifted with the ability to travel between the worlds and speak directly with spirits in the otherworlds—worlds of loved ones who have passed into death, ancestors whose wisdom still guides our lives, and spirit guides who guide us in the ways of the Divine Mystery always for our highest purpose in life.

Diana’s work is based in teachings of the ancient wisdoms of the ancestors. A gifted mystic and Celtic shaman, Diana is able to tap into the deepest recessed of your mind and pull out that which your soul is asking you to look at. She looks no deeper than the respect of your privacy allows her to.

 Diana offers individual phone readings and readings for groups at both private and corporate parties.


What a few of Diana's clients are saying:

Wanted to thank you so much for my incredible reading! You are an amazing person, with an amazing gift and I am blessed to have met you! Treva Warrick

Thank you Diana. Thank you for being my gentle, loving guide. You are magnificient! Linda Geer

You are so divinely inspired, (if i may be so bold). Thank you . . . you are an incredible life coach, mentor, advisor and extraordinary lady. Shawna Hilderbrand

Thanks for all you do. I am grateful for your knowledge and willingness to share it, both directly and as an example. I especially appreciate your strict adherence to ethics. Your words (oral and written) continue to be inspirational and motivating. Love, Peggy Larrick

You are invaluable. Robin McElroy

I just wanted to thank you for my reading. It helped to clarify things for me.You have brought me much joy, and I'm thankful to have met you. Love, Tami Tyler

I just wanted to thank you for my reading last week! It brought me some new insight and I really appreciate it.  Bridget Petri

I just want to say I love you.
Thank you for being there.
Thank you for helping me discover me.
It has been some time since I felt like someone I knew and wanted to know
. Connie Redman

Years ago I came to see you and you suggested I began to say this affirmation: "I am love. I am loving. And, I am loved." I have said it "off & on" throughout the years. AND, I wanted you to know that LAST night as I was returning home from the New Year's Eve service at my church, I TRULY embraced the words and felt them in my heart! I I immediately thought of you! I laughed out loud and said to myself…"Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly!" Thank you for quietly planting the seeds of self love and being open to receiving love. Wishing you an abundantly blessed and joy filled New Year! Love, Mary Benson Landau

Thank you so much for the beautiful reading! I am feeling a lot clearer now…experiencing some great fresh energies….working to stay that way! Thank you thank you! So many blessings to you! T D

To schedule a private reading or a party, contact:

Diana Rankin

Phone: 937-362-2117

Skype: diana.rankin4



Private parties can be combinations of —

1 hour sessions- $125 each person (maximum 6)

1/2-hour sessions -$75 each person (maximum 10)  

Host receives a free 1/2 hour reading

Minimum must total $500 (excluding free reading)

Corporate parties:

$250 an hour; minimum 3 hours; no minimum or maximum number of people

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Individual Reading & Life Coaching Fees (via phone or Skype) – choose your reading/coaching session and click the button to order via Paypal's Secure Servers:

1-hour session $125

1/2-hour session $75

5 Sessions for the Price of 4! $500