Radio Interviews

To listen to a show on which Diana was a guest:

  • Inner Voice Intuitive Hour with Jenny Sieck – to listen, click HERE
  • Reading the Signd of Nature to Devleop Out Intuition on Voices of the Earth with Carol Ohmart Behan – to listen, click HERE
  • Celebrate You with Judy Hansen – to listen, click HERE
  • Communicating with, and Receiving Messages from, Loved Ones in Spirit World, click HERE
  • Reading from The Found Child, click HERE

Additional shows on which Diana has been a guest include:

  • The ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV Show with Rob McConnell
  • WPKO/WBLL with Ken Keller
  • Glenn Klausner Radio with Glenn Kuausner

What people are saying and writing about Diana as a speaker and seminar/retreat/workshop leader:

“Diana, You are one amazing woman.
If I can just sit and soak up 10% of your knowledge and understanding I would be so happy.
Thank you for sharing and giving of yourself. You are awesome.”                                          

Carolyn Welcelean

“Powerful, profound, joyous, transformational…the Intuition Workshop was all that and more. It was truly one of the most moving experiences of my life.  If you are ready to progress beyond your comfort zone into a new spiritual awakening, then you really must invest in yourself and do this.”

Karen Callahan

“I just had to write to thank you for a wonderful and life changing week-end. The Awakening Intuition was great!!!!!!!!! Loved every bit.  But I must tell you, the reading you did regarding my Mom was incredible.  You REALLY DID take the pain from me.  I was telling a good friend who has walked this path with me many times what happened during the reading, that you said to me " you can hold on to it or let it go, and I will take it from you".  My friend said she KNOWS it is gone because I have NEVER been able to talk about my Mom and not CRY.  I WAS PERFECTLY CALM AND NOT ONE TEAR, ONLY PEACE.  Thank you so much, my life is changed forever.

Blessings to you, a VERY grateful”

Ruth Copley

“I am filled with loving and excited energies. I am feeling that there is such a grateful appreciation from the seen and unseen for the work and fun that we all participated in and accomplished. Thank you Diana for you gifts and energies of Love that provided the opportunity for us to gather.  Perfect!”

Cindy Bean

“I had the best time with each other this weekend and met the greatest people. This was especially meaningful to me. I feel like I cried a river and let go of a lot of baggage.”  

Rose Ward

“I had a very meaningful weekend!   Thank you, Diana, for giving us your knowledge!”

Erin Mays

“. . . it was a beautiful journey that will keep on keeping on.”

Kay Renner

What people are saying and writing about Diana’s books and article:

“I remember you with such joy, and think of your beautiful work with great admiration and delight.”

Much love, Peg Rubin

What people are saying and writing about Diana as a psychic reader and life-transformational coach:

“Diana, I just want to say I love you.Thank you for being there. Thank you for helping me discover me. It has been some time since I felt like someone I knew and wanted to know.”

Connie Redman

“Wanted to thank you so much for my incredible reading! You are an amazing person, with an amazing gift and I am blessed to have met you!”

Treva Warrick

“I just wanted to thank you for my reading last week! It brought me some new insight and I really appreciate it.”

Bridget Petri

“Diana, thank you!”


“I love you Diana & I'm so happy that you have come into my life. Please don't ever doubt that you are doing good work & changing lives. You are guiding souls to the light that is within, and at this time in history, there is no job that is more important. So again, thank you so much for just being you!!! You're super duper awesome!!!!!!!!!”

Jenna Mc

“Thank you for the reading. I am working on my lists and resume today.”

Jodi Hatfield

“You are so divinely inspired, thank you…you are an incredible life coach, mentor, advisor and extraordinary lady.”

Shawna Hildebrand

“I just wanted to thank you for my reading. It helped to clarify things for me.”

Diana Boyd

“You have brought me much joy, and I'm thankful to haw met you.”

Tami Tyler

Diana is such a jubilant open spirit who gives meaningful information in her readings. I am in awe of her abilities as a psychic and of her capacity to love.”    

Christine Dull                                                                 

Diana’s encouraging reading—a real professional kick—opened new doors for me in both the theater and in day-time television drama. Thanks to Diana several actors I worked with on Search for Tomorrow are writing and producing shows in New York, and I’m headed to New York to read at the Promenade Theater.”                                       

Maree Cheatham    

 “I bless Diana for being here, not just for me, but for all of us weary travelers.”   

Mary Stickler                                                              

In Diana’s presence, one better understands what being an emissary of light is all about.”

Marie Goerges                                      

What people are saying and writing about The Spiritual Path, Diana’s newsletter:

“Your advice on how to help a friend who has lost a loved one is very good!”

Connie Gilhooly

“With love and gratitude, I send a heartfelt thanks!! I finally took the time today to read your January newsletter and found the messages wonderful and full of lessons directed at me. Knowing full well how the universe works in the giving and receiving of messages…. Thanks again!!”

Molly Jayne

“Nice message. Thanks, Diana.

Linda McCart

Just wanted to tell you I enjoy them (The Spiritual Path) and appreciate your inspiration.

Jim Shockey


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