Phillip’s Wisdom for 2019

by Diana Rankin

This new year brings forth opportunities to show your growth and opportunities to demonstrate greater humanity to all beings and to the world. At times it may feel as though you do not have the strength to do all that is asked of you. Know that you do.

This will be the year that tests your truths and beliefs. All will be asked to stand on and stand for that which you value. In this, friends will become foes and foes will become friends. Whether friend or foe, compassion, patience, and reaching within yourself to find understanding of the other will be called for.

Be aware of what you speak, but speak you must. This will become clear as the year unfolds. This is not a year to be shy about your values, but one to allow others to know of your beliefs without forcing your values and beliefs on the other, but instead to speak of them with conviction, listen to those whose values and beliefs are different, and to find the common ground of understanding.

This is not a year to be caught in the ego’s need to always be right, but a year to let your Higher Power of your Divine Guidance lead you to seek answers of collective understanding and helpfulness. This is true of whether speaking of two individuals seeking harmony or a nation within itself or nations of the world.

The common good of all must be sought. There is no other way.

The feminine energy of peace will – and must – prevail over the strife this year will bring, and strife you will see and yet you will also experience much harmony. The world is splitting itself, so strife will continue – and escalate – as each of you reach for harmony.

The shift to obtain peace in your world has taken place. Harmony for each individual is at hand. As each individual accepts harmony and lives the meaning of this peace, this becomes the collective whole. Peace for all, your world will then know.

This year you will notice a narrowing of the divisions between people and between nations. This will not always seem so, but true understanding and healthy compromise will be the order of the year.

This year will be the last remnants of the old order as the new harmony begins to permeate each life and each nation. At times it may seem that permeation may be a trickle, but a trickle is the beginning of a crack that grows larger into a stream that flows into the ocean.

The outer world evolves as each individual evolves. You grow your world as you grow yourself.


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