Me Too

by Diana Rankin

Me too. I’ve been watching this trend, asking myself questions, wondering what I want to say about it. Have I ever been harassed, molested, assaulted? How do my feelings about men who harm women affect my feelings for all men?

Fortunately, I’ve never been raped or molested. (There was a time many years ago when I was drugged and driven over the state line by a co-worker, but that’s another story. I did manage to talk, talk, talk my way free and I got back home safely. It took me years to realize how very,  very fortunate I was, but like I said, that’s a story for another time.)

I’ve been fortunate in many ways. I have an older brother who protected me when we were young and during those high school dating days. Always the gentleman, he was my role model for how men should behave, and mostly men have behaved as gentlemen in my life.

I’m grateful to all the men who are gentlemen and I acknowledge and praise them. I also thank them for standing up for women and speaking out against those guys who aren’t gentlemen.

Unfortunately, some guys who think they are men, aren’t. These are the guys who claim it’s okay to denigrate women and pass it off as locker room talk; the guys who  promise a big future but you first have to sleep with them; the guys who harasses women on social media; the guys who drug and then rape girls; the fathers who sexualize their daughters; guys who intimidate or harm women for their own gain… sadly the list goes on and on.

I doubt there’s a woman on the planet who hasn’t been harassed and verbally assaulted…and it’s still going on today. As the feminine energy rises, the old masculine order fights back. The struggle is far from over, yet I have great hope.

I have hope because I’m witnessing women speaking out and being heard in ways that were not available only a few years ago. I’m seeing women band together to hold one another to stand up and say, “No more!” I’m seeing gentlemen of power support women and reach out to hold accountable those guys who give men a bad name.

Yes, I have hope, hope for the world we’re creating where women and men can walk freely together working for a greater, kinder world for all humanity.

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