Living Life as a Prayer

by Diana Rankin

For years my prayer was to live my life as a prayer. It took many more years to come to understand what that meant, and had I known, I just might not have prayed so hard . .  . or even prayed that prayer at all. Yet I’m deeply grateful I did.

Although I can’t say that I live my life as a prayer all the time, what I can say is that I’ve come to some glimpse of understanding of what it means to live my life as a prayer, and in those precious moments of grace, I feel the beauty and experience the divine ecstasy of Being, and it brings me to my knees in gratitude.

What does it mean to live life as a prayer? It means seeing the Beloved in everyone by looking beyond the human flaws and seeing the other’s spirit. It means knowing the other is there because we have called them to us to help us heal worn-out patterns and move into a greater self. It means having reverence for all nature and respect for all beings. It means finding sheer joy in the simple movement of every day and living with gratitude for that which is. It means living with compassion instead of anger, trust instead of fear, and truth instead of drama. It means living and breathing and being Love.

It means living fully the human experience from the deeper spirit with a profound knowing that all life is unfolding as it is to unfold, and although we may not understand the bigger story and may even suffer in our not understanding, we know, we know there is something so much greater than we are at this moment and we are content to sit quietly within this great mystery and just be full and complete.

©Diana Rankin 2013

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