Let This Be Our Promise for 2019

by Diana Rankin

A new year is a time to time to think about and act on the ways we want to live our lives. This is not an easy time we are living through as we create the new story for our planet and humanity. Our lives are busy and fuller than we sometimes know what to do. We don’t have time to do all we feel we need – or want – to do for our own lives and those of our families. How can we possibly be of service to others?

That thinking keeps us from using our lives to be of service to our world. When we give to others, we add so much to our world. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Here are three ways you can give back and be of service in meaningful ways without spending a lot of time or money:

If you’re on Facebook or another social media, share those postings that uplift you; share postings of lost people and animals or people and animals in need of help in your region of the country or nationally if you have friends in other areas. Also, use social media to help promote the products of friends and people in whom you believe in such as telling your friends about this newsletter.

When you hear of someone who needs help or you know of someone who needs to be uplifted, simply say the person’s name and say, “Bless you.” Then add, “And bless me.” This simple prayer helps to change the energy for the other and for you as well. Use this prayer when you hear a siren for the first responders as well as those to whom they are responding.

If you live in a rural area, as I do, you often see animals along the road who lost their lives to a vehicle. A simple prayer will help heal your heart as well as clear the energy for that animal’s transition. Here’s my prayer: “I bless you; I bless the one who took your life; I bless all who partake of your giveaway, and I bless myself.”

We can always find a moment to say a prayer for another, to smile, to hold open the door for the person. In this day when politeness seems to have taken a back seat to kindness and courtesy, when love and joy seem to have been replaced by fear and anger, let us vow to make our lives better through our thoughts and acts of kindness and love for one another.

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