In the Wake of the Tragedy in Orlando, We Must Stay in Love

by Diana Rankin

In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, life elsewhere goes on. How do the rest of us deal with the broken hearts of those who lost the ones they love? How do we go on knowing that while our hearts are intact, they are heavily bruised? We do so because our lives press in on us. We have children to feed, work that we must answer to, days and hours and minutes that must be attended to. We get out of bed, our hearts heavy and as we go about our day, our hearts will be lifted by the voice of a friend or the smile of a stranger. Our hearts will be lifted.blessed

But the hearts of those whose loved ones were murdered in the Orlando massacre will not be lifted so easily. Shattered by a madman’s bullets, the mothers and fathers, lovers and partners and husbands and friends, sisters and brothers, their hearts are forever changed.

Love will glue their hearts together again, piece-by-piece as breath-by-breath, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day they pick up the shattered pieces of their hearts and, like a puzzle, put each piece in its place, but like a puzzle, there will always be cracks where the pieces come together.

Their lives will never be the same, forever altered by the hateful act of a stranger. Nor will our lives ever be the same, those of us who watched the horror unfold on our television screens. We too must reconcile with what was to what is, deal with emotions felt, anger and fear and a need to understand why when there is no understanding to be had.

Our minds cry out for a place to put all this, this terrible, senseless tragedy. Our hearts cry out to hold another and to be held by another. Our arms reach out to Orlando, home to the magic of Disney World and Universal Studios, and now, and now Pulse and the horrific and incomprehensible and unspeakable act of one man and his guns and the largest loss of lift in any mass shooting in the history of the United States.

Fifty young people dead, another 53 injured all of who may not make it. Hundreds of others traumatized. And for what? For what?

I have only one answer, the only answer I can find to make sense out of senselessness. Let us react not out of our outrage—an emotion we have every right to feel—but instead let us act out of Love. Let us reach out to each other and say, “Put down your arms, let go of your hatred, stop your rhetoric against others you perceive as different from yourself. Stop, just stop. And open your hearts and Live Love.”

Let Love be the powerful force that sweeps across this nation and around the world. Let Love pass from your heart to those shattered in Orlando. Let Love be the abiding force that stills the guns and stops the bullets. Let Love win for the sake of those who lost loved ones and for the sake of all humanity. Love and blessings, Diana Rankin, June 13, 2016

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