Hazel’s Angels and Calming the Hurricanes and Putting Out the Fires

by Diana Rankin

It was in the mid-1990’s when I was attending Jean Houston’s New York Mystery School that I met Hazel and her angels. She was a lady of a certain age by then but during World War II Hazel was a still a young woman.

During that war, Hazel felt called to gather all the angels she could muster and send them off to help the soldiers. Hazel sent angels to soldiers on the battlefield to keep the fear away. She sent angels to the hospitals to aid the injured and angels to those who left their bodies to aid in their transition.

When the war was over, Hazel often explained, there were a lot of angels out of work. “When in need of help, call on my angels,” she would say. “They need to be useful.”

Hazel is among the angels now. I’m sure she walking around heaven instructing her angels where to go whenever they are needed.

Those angels sure are needed now so let’s call on them.

Let’s ask Hazel’s angels to move into the middle of the hurricanes and flap their wings to dissipate the heavy clouds and calm the winds. Let’s ask the angles to hold their wings over the humans, animals, and winged ones to protect them from the storms’ fury. Let’s send the strongest of Hazel’s angels to work alongside the rebuilders of the homes and businesses, to give them courage, strength, and the materials they need. Let’s call on Hazel’s angels to bring rain to the drought-ridden lands and sunshine to the flooded areas. Let’s send those angels with fire hoses to bring rain to Oregon, British Columbia, Washington State, and all the fire-ravaged places. Let’s ask Hazel’s angels to hold all those in Mexico who were caught in the earthquake, to help them heal and rebuild their lives.

And let’s send the most compassionate of Hazel’s angels to comfort all who have lost loved ones in the storm-tossed weather and angels to greet all who have left their bodies to make their transition smooth and loving.

Let’s close our eyes and visualize the Divine White Light of Love moving into our bodies and out from our heart chakra into the world and holding our planet in the Healing Light of Love.


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