Have You Heard the Call?

by Diana Rankin

As a soul, we all come into life with a mission. Each of us has a specific journey of healing to take that we might then have the experiences and energy that we can create a pathway for others to follow to make their journey a little easier.

For all of us our mission is to live in love and joy while experiencing difficulties that take us into other emotions. For each of us, our journey as to how we find our way through life’s pains and difficulties to love and joy is the secret to the mission we promised to fulfill when we raised our hand and said, “Let me be the one who is born into the Earth plane.” We just forgot to read the small print.

We are each called to fulfill our mission. For some, the call comes early, for others later in life. Some of us hear and heed the call, others of us struggle to hear the call, while others of us never hear it, and then there are those of us who hear the call but refuse to heed it. Why? Fear. We make excuses, not enough money, time, energy, etc. We get caught up in our own lives and forget that it is through our lives that we must hear—and heed—the call.

When we are being called, we may only hear the whispers. If we refuse to answer, we will be called again; this time it will be a shout. If we still refuse to answer, the call will produce the big bang. Needless to say, the wiser we are, the sooner we hear and heed the call.

We may not understand what we are being called to but we must begin anyway, accepting that we have been called and taking those steps we are directed to take. We may be prompted to smile at the store clerk when we’re tired and irritable. We may be asked to let someone go in front of us when we’re in a hurry. Whatever our call is, we will be asked to commit to acts of loving kindness before we will be shown the larger picture.

To be shown the larger picture too soon, or without proper help, is to sabotage ourselves for the greatness we will be able to give to our lives and to the world once we have mastered the smaller steps.

Our mission in the world is mapped within the lives we have lived. Figuring that out isn’t always easy but if we want to live our greatest life and be of service to the world, we must figure out our calling and live to our fullest. Indeed it is the only way we will heal our lives and find that deep satisfaction and contentment…and joy. And it is the only way we will fulfill our mission in this life and help make our world a better place for all sentient beings.

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