2014 — 2015

  Sacred Circle Meditation and Messages

Please see below for a Sacred Circle in your area. You are always welcome.

Sacred Circle Meditations and Messages include an evening of story, a guided meditation for personal and planetary healing, and individual psychic messages from Spirit for participants. Sacred Circles are open to everyone and are given for a love offering, suggested $20. Love offerings are appreciated and allow Diana to continue to provide Sacred Circles. Gathering in Sacred Circle helps you to accelerate your growth and manifest your dreams and desires. Sacred Circle helps to alleviate suffering in our world and heal our planet.

Sacred Circles begin with a story, often about an ancient myth and how the stories fit into our modern-day lives. After the story, there is a guided meditation that takes you on a personal journey that adds to the world. In the third part of Sacred Circle, Diana gives psychic messages to audience members. Messages are teaching moments that have meaning for everyone in attendance.

November 28, Friday, Sacred Circle Meditation and Messages, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., Columbus, Ohio,  Sky Dogs,  810 Distribution Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43228; 614-648-3449.

January 16, Friday, Sacred Circle Meditation and Messages, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.,Waynesville, Ohio, Miami St., Waynesville, Ohio 45068: Sunshine Therapeutics.

February 3, Tuesday, Sacred Circle Meditation and Messages, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., West Milton, Ohio,  Really Cool Stuff, 5 North Miami Street, West Milton.


Radio Shows

Catch me on Judy Hansen's radio show Wednesday, December 17 at 8:00 pm ET for a short reading from The Found Child and psychic messages from Judy and me for everyone who calls. The call-in number is Skype . For more information, click here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/judyhansen/2014/12/18/celebrate-you-with-diana-rankin-the-found-child-mini-readings

Listen online to Voices of the Earth when Diana is a guest, or listen to archieved shows:

 Reading the signs of nature to develop our intuition (archieved)

 Communicating with, and receiving messages from, loved ones in spirit world (archieved)

See archieved shows in Press & Media


Victory of Light Expo

Diana is speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio

Saturday, November 22 at 1:00 pm


Free Psychic Messages for Audience Members

Be among Diana’s audience to receive a free psychic message! Psychic medium, national radio and television guest, and international speaker, Diana WOWs! you with her accurate and detailed messages and entertains you with her wit and wisdom. Funny and insightful, Diana’s messages touch your heart to tears one minute and have you rolling with laughter the next. Entertaining and amazingly accurate, Diana travels between the worlds and speaks directly with spirits in the otherworlds to give you messages from loved ones who have passed over, ancestors whose wisdom still guides our lives, and spirit guides and angels who guide us in the way of Spirit for our highest purpose in life. She has the gift of looking into your soul and interpreting how past lives and issues from the early years of this life are affecting your life today. Diana can tell you when your dreams will manifest, and what is required of you to bring forth the life you aspire to. Diana holds your heart with love as she provides practical guidance while helping you soar to new heights of joy.

Audience members who receive messages will be chosen at random.




To Be Announced.

Watch this space for the next workshop.
Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition

An Intensive Weekend Workshop


This workshop is designed to awaken and deepen your natural intuition to help you navigate through the ups and downs of life.

In this workshop, you will —

  •  Meet your Spirit Guides and learn how to dialogue with them 
  • Talk with loved ones who have passed over 
  • Learn how to trust your own intuitive guidance 
  • Learn how to tap into the universal life force
  • Understand how to read messages from your own body
  • Work with nature to learn how to read nature’s messages
  • Learn about the messages and metaphors of life and how the world around you is always gifting you with clues as to which direction is right for you.

Your life will never be the same after experiencing this powerful workshop.

Friday  — Sunday

at Sunshine Therapeutics at 277 Miami St., Waynesville, Ohio 45068

Yes! I want to attend Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition.

  • The workshop is $350.
  • Early registration is $300. Save $50. You must register (and pay) by August 30, 2014.
  • Former participants is $275.
  • Final registration is Monday, September 15, 2014. 

(All except $25 is refundable only if cancellation is received by, August 30, 2014.)

For a brochure CLICK HERE or for an application form CLICK HERE

Full payment must be received with application form. 

Registration payment using PayPal, click HERE.

Early Registration payment using PayPal, click HERE.

Returning participants payment using PayPal, click HERE.




This workshop is not being offered at this time.


The Sacred Path — Unlocking the Secrets of Your Greatness
This workshop is not scheduled at this time.

What is The Sacred Path?

 In ancient times there were mystery schools that taught the secrets of the ages. Those who became seeped in the knowledge of the mysteries of the ancient wisdoms became the seers and leaders of their times in history. This knowledge cannot — must not — be lost. It must be passed down from generation to generation and given to those ready to receive and  to use the wisdom wisely. For the modern-day seeker, there are the mystery schools of today. One of these is The Sacred Path.

If you a seeker of truth; if you want to live the greatest life you can imagine; if you want to help others and make the world a better place for all, then you belong in The Sacred Path.

For a brochure CLICK HERE and for an application form, CLICK HERE

  • Cost for The Sacred Path, the four workshops and the Day of the Gifting  is $500. Full payment must be received with application form. Payment can be made by check using the application HERE or by using Paypal HERE.
  • RETURNING PARTICIPANTS of The Sacred Path Workshop (either year-long or weekend formats) save $100 and pay only $400.  Full payment must be received with application form. Payment can be made by check using the application HERE or by using Paypal HERE.

Refund Policy: A $35 processing fee will be deducted from all cancellations received before March 1 and the remainder of the money paid will be returned within 10 days of cancellation. No refunds will be given if cancellations are received after March 1.




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