Profitable Attitude Seminars®
Business Seminars Designed to
Increase Profitability by Decreasing Employee Depression

In the workplace, attitude counts. Studies show that a positive and optimistic attitude within the workplace lowers costs through less health care expenditures and higher productivity. Additionally, when employees are upbeat, the work environment attracts better personnel, which results in superior working relationships among team members and co-workers, more creative ideas for development and improvement of products, and an overall atmosphere of wellbeing and efficiency. In short, positive and optimistic employees add to your company’s bottom line.

Profitable Attitude Seminars,® offered by Diana Rankin & Company, provide:
• Interactive process to decrease depression and foster a positive and optimistic attitude among employees
• Real-life activities that deal with workplace issues and new insights into development of a positive and optimistic attitude even in stressful situations
• Important information backed up by research to help employees move away from depression and foster a positive and optimistic attitude
• Individual coaching and follow-up group sessions
• A copy of Diana Rankin’s book, The Happiness Book, to every participant of the seminar, which provides employees with ongoing information and processes to maintain their positive and optimistic attitude

Profitable Attitude Seminars® assist business and industry in improving the bottom line through facilitating a change of attitude of employees for improvement of their health and wellbeing and that of the company.

Costs of Depression in the United States

Depression costs the US $83 billion. Nearly 2/3rds of the $83 billion is from lower productivity and workplace absenteeism.

According to a report for the Centers for Disease Control:
• More than 1 in 20 people (5.4%) in the United States is depressed
• People 40 – 59 years old have the highest rare of depression of all age groups
• 80% of depressed people say their depression interferes with their ability to work
• 35% of males and 22% of females report depression makes it very or extremely difficult to work or get along with other people
• Only 29% of the people with mild depression went for treatment and only 39% of the people with severe depression sought treatment

Depression interferes with the ability to work because the depressed person:
• Has difficulty making decisions
• Is unable to concentrate
• Looses interest in activities
• Is fatigued and has little energy
• Is anxious and anxiety ridden
• May be irritable and have problems getting along with co-workers

Depression weakens the immune system, so depressed people become
susceptible to physical disorders, which increases health care costs.

A report by Thomas Reuters released in 2010, suggest that “employees
would benefit from better treatments of their workers for depression.
An analysis of insurance claims and employee health and productivity
data from more than 22,000 patients found that depressed workers
were twice as likely as others to use short-term disability leave.
Disability-related costs for a year, on average, are $1,038 for
depressed patients and $325 for non-depressed patients.

Optimistic, happy employees who have a positive outlook help to lower costs for employers and create a better work environment to attract better employees. They also create an atmosphere of positivism that your customers will sense.

Contented employees add to the bottom line.

Contented employees                                        

  • Are more productive                                            
  • Are mentally present at work                              
  • Are energetic                                                          
  • Have lower absenteeism                                    
  • Engaged in work and work-related activities   
  • Works well in teams and with co-workers       
  • Have lower health care costs
  • Are less likely to become disabled
  • Add to the health and wellbeing of the work environment to attract good employees
  • Create an atmosphere of positivism and optimism that customers sense

Improve your bottom line by providing the training that helps your employees transform from a depressed, negative workforce to a positive, optimistic, and dynamic staff. Provide your employees with Profitable Attitude Seminars. ® 
Seminar Arrangements and Costs

Please contact Diana to learn more about Profitable Attitude Seminars ® and the costs and formats available.

Diana Rankin is available to speak to your group at sales and marketing meetings, conferences, and other occasions.

About Diana Rankin, M.A., Principal of Diana Rankin & Company

A highly acclaimed speaker, Diana Rankin has presented programs in both the national and international arena. Speaking professionally since 1974, she has facilitated corporate seminars and public workshops, taught universities classes, and has been the speaker at hour-long to week-long meetings. She was the keynote speaker for The Whole Woman’s Workshop in Dayton, Ohio and for the International Conference on Healing in Killarney, Ireland.

Diana has trained and facilitated groups both nationally and internationally for Fortune 500 firms and other major U.S. corporations, medical centers, and educational publishers. Through the Pace Group, Diana presented in such companies as Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio; Delco Products, Kettering, Ohio; NCR Corp., Dayton, Ohio; Honda of America, Marysville; Ohio, Honda of America, East Liberty, Ohio; Honda of America, Anna, Ohio; General Motors, Dayton, Ohio; Raytheon Corporation, Columbus, Ohio; General Dynamics, Columbus, Ohio; JPI Corporation, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Systemedia, Dayton, Ohio; Navistar, Springfield, Ohio; Ford Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio; Harrison Radiator, Dayton, Ohio; Inland Fisher Guide, Dayton, Ohio; Marion-Merrill Dow, Cincinnati, Ohio; Glacier Vandervell, Bellefontaine, Ohio; Quincy Casting, Inc. Bellefontaine, Ohio; McDonnell Douglas, Columbus, Ohio; and Cigna, Inc. Columbus, Ohio. Through The Mazer Corporation, Diana facilitated groups for Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Wildlife Services, Glencoe-McGraw Hill, Inc., Prentice Hall, and McDougall Littell.

She has also taught classes at Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center Dayton, Ohio, Doctors Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, Bethesda Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Loganview, Inc., Bellefontaine, Ohio. Her seminars, Intuitive Care, have been presented to the Ohio Association of Occupational Therapists. Additionally, she is an adjunct faculty at Urbana University in Ohio and has lectured at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Southern California (USC).

For corporations and other agencies of work, Diana has helped transform the workplace into a place of greater productivity and creativity while creating a more humanistic environment. She has helped companies maintain that which is tried and true while rewriting long-held patterns of belief that change structures for the greater good as well as greater efficiency.

Diana is also an author and writer who has written business and trade articles and in-house materials for corporations including Dictaphone Corporation, Digital Equipment Corporation, The Irvine (California) University of Law, and NCR Corporation. She has written articles about a variety of industries, including banking, investment, printing, real estate and development, electronic equipment, and computers, health, wellness, and insurance.

Her books include The Happiness Book, 23 Days/A Celtic Journey, The Found Child, and Metropolitan Dayton/Flying High.

She has written and edited textbooks and supplemental materials in world history and cultures, social studies, United States history, language arts, business and personal law, geography, corporate training, management, psychology, journalism, volunteer management, marketing, and business for major national textbook publishers, including Glencoe-McGraw Hill, Inc., Scott Forseman, South-Western Publishing, Prentice Hall, McDougall Littell, Hartcourt Brace, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Fish and Wildlife Services. For the City of Dayton, Diana wrote a multi-module training manual for landlords and tenants and a train-the-trainer manual. She also wrote the Annual Report for the Housing and Development Office for the city. She is the author of the book Metropolitan Dayton: Flying High; Windsor Publications, California. Diana has written for the nationally-known motivational writer Alfred Armand Montapert, and she has worked on a book for Bill Verity, Secretary of Commerce under President Ronald Reagan. She has interviewed several noted political figures, including Nancy Reagan when she was First Lady and Governor Deukmejian of California.

Books edited by Diana included: Founding and Fulfillment: Wright State University 1964-1984, Wright State University Press, Ohio; How To Be Up No Matter What's Going Down, Executive Press, North Carolina; Taxes: Who Pays and Why?, Domestic Policy Association, New York. In video, she has been an on-camera interviewer for Good Samaritan Hospital and Green Memorial Indigent Care Levy Commission.

Her articles appear regularly on Associated Content and Her publishing credits include nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and photos in such publications as Bay and Delta Yachtsman, Community Woman, Dayton Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Millionaire Magazine, Science of Mind Magazine, Profiles, Pro Health Magazine, US Air Magazine, Writer's Digest, and Woman's World. Diana also wrote weekly features for the Dayton Daily News “Business and Industrial Review," and was a regular contributor to Profiles Magazine, a business publication.

Diana has a Masters of Arts Degree in Human Spirituality from Antioch University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities.

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