A Changing of the Seasons

Travel with your Loving Being during this guided meditation for physical, emotional, and mental healing.

Become the Vision

In this guided meditation you become the vision you want to manifest and open endless possibilities for your life.

Birth Memory

Rebirth or remember your birth in his guided meditation for greater love of self and others.

Ceridwen and Activating Your Deeper Knowledge

A guided meditation that transports you to the ancient Welsh forest where Ceridwen mixes a magical brew that activates your deeper knowledge.

Discovering Your Life's Mission - DVD

Discovering Your Life's Mission

Walk an ancient labyrinth in this guided meditation to learn your life’s mission.

The Generous Heart

Relax in this guided meditation and let your heart be transformed into a generous heart.

Happiness:  Creating It for Yourself and the World - DVD

Happiness: Creating It for Yourself and the World

Relax in this guided meditation programed to help you let go of all that keeps you from your happiness.

Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit

Relieve stress in this guided meditation to heal your body, refresh your mind, and soothe your spirit.

The Irish Dagda: Discovering your Birthright

Relax with this guided meditation designed to help you discover your birthright.


Irish Queen Maeve and the Faery

Relax in a guided meditation that takes you to the stone cairn of Queen Maeve where you use this powerful energy to help you release that which no longer belongs in your life.

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

Reduce stress with this guided meditation as you become the high witness and heal a bitter situation in your life.

Moral Dilemma: An Irish Story

Relax in this guided meditation as you are transported to Ireland where you heal a moral dilemma in your life.


New Beginnings

Relax with this guided meditation as Diana takes you on a journey to heal your life and create new beginnings including the steps you need take to live a greater life.

Our Sacred Self

In this guided meditation, heal this life by getting in touch with a past life connected to the repeating pattern.


Quan Yin and the Power of Compassion

Relax as you are guided in a meditation that allows you to heal that which you believe has harmed you and helps you grow in compassion.


Rumi: Connecting with the Beloved

Guided meditation where you connect with the Beloved as you dance with Rumi and the whirling dervishes.


Violence and Peace

Unwind with this guided meditation that helps you change harmful patterns for those of peace, love, and harmony.