The Found Child

This is a work of fiction . . . or is it?

Diana is unaware she’s caught between life and death after a motorcycle accident . . . until she finds a not-so-ordinary little boy, Davey, who turns her world upside down with talk of a letter from Jeremy, her long-dead sweetheart.

Her world flips over even more when a spirit guide from the otherworld, Phillip, shows up. He leads Diana and Davey on a mystical adventure of spiritual truths where Diana meets her soulmates, comes face-to-face with masters and myth makers, is torn apart and reconstructed, encounters her other selves in parallel worlds, and uses her own healing powers on the killing fields of Vietnam where she comforts Jeremy and learns the truth about Davey.

Unexplainable phenomenon continues in Diana’s life after she is thrust back into this dimension, even as the memory of her journey with Davey and Phillip fades. The magic intensifies when she comes face to face with the mesmeric, but mystifying Hawk, who evokes memories of ancient bonds and love’s circle as Diana’s life bends back on itself in the most fascinating, magical, and miraculous ways.

This captivating tale is a must read for everyone interested in their spiritual journey and the esoteric wisdom that helps us understand how the mysteries of ancient secrets play out in our human lives.

“The Found Child” is not just a book. It’s a vehicle for the Universe to up regulate Itself.” Dr. Tom Daubenspeck, chiropractor and holistic healer

“This is a must read!!!! I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down! This is a journey that you will not forget!” Diane Wittick-Bauer, Healing Medium

“I am amazed and impressed with your descriptions of what I would call ‘ecstatic metaphysical experiences,’ especially where you refer to both color and light. These are real literary achievements. BRAVO!!”  Jeff Stoner, EWH Press

“You will not be able to put it down once you start!”  Robin (Skeen) McElroy, author

Joy! the Art of Creating a Happy Life

Filled with 52 stories and practices to create happiness and break the addiction to unhappiness.

Are you tired of being unhappy? Are you bored with life? Do you feel you aren’t living the life you ant to life? You can change all that and be happy.

Happiness, and its deepest companion joy–are within these pages.

The Master’s Book of Answers

This book is not magical . . . although many of you will think it is.  It is a mystical book – an oracle – yet it is also a practical book.  It is a book of answers – answers you already know, but may not know that you know.  It is a book of answers for your questions, whatever those questions are.  The Master’s Book of Answers is here to give you back to yourself and give to you that which you seek.  As you enter this world of self-discovery, enter with reverence for yourself and gratitude that the answers to all life’s questions are within your reach. 

You are a special being of this universe, and every question you have is worthy of any answer.

23 Days A Celtic Journey

23 Days/A Celtic Journey

Here is the spellbinding magic of a modern day love story that weaves myth, ancient stories, shamanic journeying, and mystical experiences to take the reader on a breathtaking and transformative adventure to reach beyond that which shatters the heart to that which frees the soul.  To read an excerpt of this book, please click HERE.

23 Days A Celtic Journey can be ordered at your local bookstore or online or any other online bookseller.

ISBN     softcover        00-7388 5446-8

ISBN     hardcover     1-4010-1426-7


The Happiness Book –

30 Ways in 30 Days to Be Happy and Break Your Addiction to Unhappiness

<—-This book is out of print. Please see Joy! the Art of Living a Happy Life.