A Blessing Creates a Higher Consciousness

by Diana Rankin

1911797_584053551679910_1902578067_nBlessing another, our food, a situation and ourselves takes us to a higher state of consciousness that allows us to experience life from a perspective different from that of the normal state of daily affairs.

Although there is some controversy within the scientific community about what happens in the brain when we bless, a twenty-year old theory backs up the experience many of us have every time we say a blessing. Scientists call the experience an increase in the gamma waves; I call it a feel-good experience.

With the help of EEGs, scientists have been able to measure gamma waves, which are the highest frequency of brain waves—electrical impulses that occur naturally in the brain. Gamma waves are associated with higher levels of intelligence and feelings of happiness, and an increase in a person’s feelings of compassion toward others. In recent years, commercial neuro-programming products have entered the marketplace to help increase gamma waves. Although I’m sure they are good, I haven’t personally tried any of these programs, have not felt a need to, because I continually experience an increase in happiness, alertness, and compassion every time I bless someone or something. And I am blessed to have numerous opportunities every day to say a blessing. So do you.

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