5 Reasons Why I’m Passionate about Developing and Refining Intuition and Why You Should Be Too

by Diana Rankin

Intuition, gut instinct, hunch, psychic hits—by whatever name, intuition is that inner voice that helps us live our highest life. It often comes as a still, small whisper. It may come as just a knowing. It may come as a shout. Or, it may come so quietly that we may not even be aware we are being led by our intuition.

When guided by our intuition—whether we are purposely asking for the guidance or are guided without our consciousness knowledge—intuition must be developed and refined to be useful in our lives. We must be able to recognize messages, to discern between intuition and wishful thinking, and understand the message well enough for it to be useful in our lives.

Here are five reasons why you should develop your intuition:

  1. Intuition keeps us safe. How many stories have you heard about someone who did not take the plane they normally take on 9-11? How often have you turned left when it made more sense to turn right only to later find out had you turned left that you would have been in the spot where an accident occurred? Intuition helps us zig when we think we should zag. And, zigging may keep us safe.
  1. Intuition helps us make the right decisions. Should I go on this trip? Should I change jobs? Should I stay in this relationship? Intuition helps us make those major decisions that face us as well as the little ones we make every day. Once developed, intuition keeps us from agonizing over decisions. Instead, we feel more confident in our choices and are better able to understand why we made them.
  2. Intuition helps us meet the people we need to meet. Whether it’s someone to help us in our career choice or a romantic partner, our intuition guides us to those we want to meet. Have you ever stopped for a sandwich when you hadn’t planned to and when you stopped you met the person you were wishing would come into your life? Have you ever suddenly felt you needed to run an errand only to run into the person who set you on the right track toward a new career move?
  3. Intuition helps us be sensible and to lead a more productive, joyful life. Have you ever met anyone who may be quite accurate in predictions but the personal life was a mess? We all have issues to work out in our lives, but what happens when our intuition is strong but unrefined is we are unable to use the intuition to make our lives better. We may get messages but don’t know what to do with them or we may get messages for strangers and interrupt their lives with incomplete, unwanted, and unhelpful messages.
  4. Intuition takes away the fear. Undeveloped or newly developing intuition often shows us impending disasters that scare us away from trusting it.

Intuition is not meant to scare us but to guide us. Once developed and refined properly, intuition comes from love. We learn how to take charge of the thousands of messages that are floating around in the ethers.

We may always have to work a little to figure out what our intuition is telling us, but as we practice and learn what to trust and what not to trust—as we develop and refine our intuition—it becomes easier to understand how our intuition is guiding us from our spirit selves and those who help to guide us from the realm of love.

Intuition helps guide our lives that in turn we may help the world live in a greater place of love.

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