3 Ways to Enrich Your Life

by Diana Rankin

We all want rich, meaningful lives, and in these times of powerful-and often conflicting-energies swirling around us, living the lives we desire to have is not always easy to obtain. The following practices will help you instantly change the energy within you, which will change the energy around you. Over time, the practices will change the old patterns and help you move into living a happier, more fulfilling life.
  • Move into gratitude. When life overwhelms you and
    you don't know how-or if-you can take the next step, move to gratitude. Start writing, or speaking aloud, those things for which you can find even the smallest feeling of thankfulness. Maybe it's the sunshine on your face. Maybe it's because you have a friend who cares about you. Maybe it's because you have a memory that makes you smile. Maybe it's . . .
  • Read a note to yourself. Write down a goal you want to reach and include why reaching that goal is important to you. Post the goal and its importance where you can read it often. When the going gets tough, read aloud that goal to remind you of where you are going and why it's important to get there. Then take one step toward that goal-now.
  • Bless the other or the situation. When another person-or a situation-starts getting to you and the tape in your head is on repeat, stop the tape of ugly negativity by simply saying, "I bless (name of the person or situation)" and then bless yourself. You may have to bless the other person through gritted teeth when you begin. Do it anyway. Eventually you will feel forgiveness and even generously toward the other.

“The Spiritual Path” newsletter; © 2013 Diana Rankin; www.dianarankin.com

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