23 Days/A Celtic Journey

An Excerpt from … 23 Days A Celtic Journey

Read on, read on my friend
But only if you dare;
This is my soul written,
Unfolding as it may,
This is my story told of
This mythic life I live.
Beware, Beware, my friend
In case there's any doubt,
A Mythic Life though grand indeed
Will bring you to your knees,
It will take the life you know
Turn it inside out
And dare you to become that one
You've boldly dreamed about.
Courage it will take, my friend
Courage few may have
For of this life you are required
To give up all of you.
This is the story of my soul told
In not so pretty ways
Of love, betrayal, wound's healing ways
Of what this life required of me.
It may be hard to read at times,
You may see yourself,
for In this life,
This Mythic Life,
We are all one you see.
So, my friend, read on, read on,
If you are so bold
But know my story is your story too,
All men and woman everywhere,
If you cry it's not for me
These are your tears you shed, and
If you laugh it's not for me
This is your laughter too.
In this Mythic Life we lead
All tears, all joy are we.
So if you find you turn away
From this tale of mine
Look into your own heart
It too is part of mine.
This is a tale of my quest,
This journey of my soul.
It took me to Love
Deeper than I have ever known;
It gave me joy, unbounded joy, and
Slashed my heart to shreds, then
In its grace, this Life led me
Beyond a place I'd known
It gave me peace and love so grand,
It gave me back to me.
It all began–

What People Are Saying About 23 Days …

Be enchanted and transformed by this very human journey of 23 Days A Celtic Journey, in which, 'all the world has changed and nothing has changed at all.''

Eileen Wrenn C.S.W. Transformational Psychotherapist and Magus
Pt. Jefferson Station, New York

"A must read for anyone who has ever searched for their soulmate. Like Diana in 23 Days A Celtic Journey, you might find your own soul."

Carole Russo, Actress
Hollywood, California and New York City

"This book is an engaging love story, yes, but it goes beyond that. 23 Days A Celtic Journey is a story of a woman's courage and triumph. The language is beautiful; the message is inspiring. It reads like a classic, and I find myself referring back to passages. This is a book I'll read again and again."

Allison Holloway, Co-owner of the Village Bookery
West Liberty, Ohio

"Diana Rankin's lyrical poem about her 23-day mythical journey is nothing less than a sacred gift of healing and love."

Jeanne Busemeyer, Editor, Hyde Park Publishing Services
Cincinnati, Ohio

"Diana Rankin bares her soul in 23 Days A Celtic Journey–the longing, the passion, heartache, vulnerability, and completeness. She speaks so beautifully to us all."

Rev. Claire Kruthaupt
Dayton, Ohio

23 Days A Celtic Journey can be ordered at your local bookstore or online or any other online bookseller.

ISBN     softcover        00-7388 5446-8

ISBN     hardcover     1-4010-1426-7

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