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November Special

November Special for

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The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip is set to be published this month of November. Filled with wisdom to help you achieve mastery, you can use this book as your own private oracle. Simply ask a question and open to any page for your answer.



Did You Know . . .?

that 41,000 years ago, a complete and rapid reversal of the geomagnetic field occurred.





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What Is the Spiritual Path?

The Spiritual Path is, of course, this newsletter, with which we hope to bring you insights and helpful information for your life. It is also how we live in the world and the way we conduct our lives.

             Recently, after the devastation of the storm Sandy, New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie tweeted, "Today I'm touring with President Obama. Yes, he's a Democrat, and I'm a Republican. We're also adults, and this is how adults behave." Governor Christy is not someone I automatically think of when I think of someone on a spiritual path, but in this statement, he epitomizes the spiritual path.

             The spiritual path is living in a world of opposites and finding the cooperation that brings to all people help and hope; it means living in a world of chaos and being peace; it means finding light in the darkness and beauty in the ugly; it means at times overlooking the other's humanness and seeing them through spiritual eyes of love; it means getting up to let the dog out when all we want to do is roll over and pull the covers back up; it means setting healthy boundaries even when it may hurt your heart; it means speaking kindness instead of spewing anger; it means fully embracing our humanness while all the time knowing we are spiritual beings.

             Welcome to The Spiritual Path.



Phillip's Wisdom

This, in part, is information Phillip, my Spirit Guide, gave me for our year-long workshop The Sacred Path:

             The weather patterns are going to increase in intensity before they calm down. This is not to say it will happen overnight. It has been taking place somewhat gradually. This said, however, there will be a more major shift taking place within the next few months that may rock you off your boat along with many others. Not all the crystals in the world can stop this shift. It is necessary for the planets in your solar system to align themselves with other systems to allow for greater information exchange and access.
               If your intuition tells you to buy something or to travel a particular direction, you must do so. Each person is different so there are no pat answers. This is also true of each area of the world. Awareness and intuition-inner awareness-are of utmost importance.
             Each person is the Light. They must be ready-if called-to accept the leadership role to keep others safe in times of turmoil. This may be as small as their own families or a large gathering or community. They must also stay in light, act with the knowledge and confidence of great leadership and know they are the Light who is being led and who leads. When-and if-called they must not fail at this. This is the assignment of each soul who hears your voice today."
             The acts they will be asked to perform may seem small, and yet they will have great consequences. Remember the ripple effect. Through awareness, they may pull a child out of harm's way, and that child becomes the adult who finds a way to feed all hungry people. Through awareness, they may step out of harm's way themselves.

              Awareness requires surrender. It also requires trust and it requires confidence. You must first surrender to the Spiritual Self. You must trust your higher guidance, and you must have confidence, which comes from letting go of the petty quarrels of the human self and living from the Sacred Self. 



Guidelines to Enrich Your Life

We all want rich, meaningful lives, and in these times of powerful-and often conflicting-energies swirling around us, living the lives we desire to have is not always easy to obtain. The following practices will help you instantly change the energy within you, which will change the energy around you. Over time, the practices will change the old patterns and help you move into living a happier, more fulfilling life.

  • Move into gratitude. When life overwhelms you and
    you don't know how-or if-you can take the next step, move to gratitude. Start writing, or speaking aloud, those things for which you can find even the smallest feeling of thankfulness. Maybe it's the sunshine on your face. Maybe it's because you have a friend who cares about you. Maybe it's because you have a memory that makes you smile. Maybe it's . . .
  • Read a note to yourself. Write down a goal you want to reach and include why reaching that goal is important to you. Post the goal and its importance where you can read it often. When the going gets tough, read aloud that goal to remind you of where you are going and why it's important to get there. Then take one step toward that goal-now.
  • Bless the other or the situation. When another person-or a situation-starts getting to you and the tape in your head is on repeat, stop the tape of ugly negativity by simply saying, "I bless (name of the person or situation)" and then bless yourself. You may have to bless the other person through gritted teeth when you begin. Do it anyway. Eventually you will feel forgiveness and even generously toward the other.



Ways You Can Be of Service

When I began this article, my thought were on the victims of Hurricane Sandy and how we can help the people who have lost family and friends or lost their homes; what we can do for the people without heat or light in their homes and those who are cleaning up after the storm to try to make some sense of their lives and reach a new normal. How do we reach out to those at a distance, strangers we know only by the images on the screen? These were the questions I was planning on answering, but then my life changed in an instant, and my own heart became heavy with sorrow for my family.

               Three beautiful teenage girls, best friends all, were killed in an auto accident in Bellbrook, Ohio. A fourth friend is in critical condition in the hospital as I write this, and two teenage boys are in stable condition, including the driver.

               First comes the shock, then comes the grief for those who lose loved ones in such tragic ways, and too many families have hearts broken by such heartrending loss. It is in these times that we want to reach out, to comfort those suffering the loss, but we may feel at a loss as to what to do. My question changed from how do we help the victims of devastating storms to how do we bring comfort to families whose grief is beyond imagining? I found the answer to be the same.

               We hold the ones in sorrow in our hearts in the deepest of love, and from the center of our being we say a prayer. The words we say, the name of the God we evoke, is much less important than the depth of love in our hearts that we send to the other. This is the healing energy, this deepness of our love that comes from the most sacred place of ourselves through our hearts and reaches out to those in pain.

               No, we cannot remove the pain of the other. That is not our job. Our job is to hold the space for their healing by opening our hearts to their grief, and maybe, just maybe in doing so their grief will be ever so slightly lessened.



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