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Our lives should be filled with joy, right? It's our spiritual heritage, right? So why then is there so much pain and suffering in the world? And what, if anything, can we do about it? Are we just supposed to suffer or can we heal our own pain and that of others? If so, how? Is there a purpose to pain? Why does it feel so deep?

These are a few of the questions we give thought to in this issue of The Spiritual Path. Certainly we do not have all the answers, but we do our best to provide thoughtful answers without negating the pain and suffering of grief and loss, of lack or illness, or the heartbreak of every evening's news headlines.

Phillip, my spirit guide, in his wisdom tells us that pain is a privilege that is born of the ability to love. To learn more of what he says, be sure to read "Phillip's Wisdom." For tools you can use to heal your life so you can help to heal the world, read "Ways You Can Be of Service." To help you understand why the pain is so deep and why it's so important for each of us to heal and how doing so helps our entire world, read "Healing the Pain."


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Phillip's Wisdom


Suffering is a privilege that is born of the ability to love. Without a capacity to love, there is no pain in the loss. This then is what is to be remembered: Love opens the heart and allows you to be vulnerable. The great joy of the human experience is loving fully, your life being fed by the very act of loving. Would you then trade even a moment of that loving for the pain of its loss? Of course not. This is the human way -- to experience the full spectrum of emotion with glad tidings and without judgment, but for the sheet joy of the experience itself.

            Suffering is equal to lack, the missing of someone or something in your life. The healing of suffering is to no longer experience the lack. This is not always easily accomplished but must be dealt with to avoid living in the hollow of the lack rather than the fullness of gratitude for the experience.



The Master's Book of Answers by Phillip 

More and more people are writing to say that Phillip is working with them, helping them answer the questions of their lives, as they work with the answers in this book.

          We'd love to hear your story of how The Master's Book of Answers by Phillips has helped you. Please drop us an email and let us know. The email link is at the bottom of this newsletter. Can't wait to hear your story!    


"I highly recommend this book. It is full of truth and insight into the human condition. Thank you Phillip and Diana."  

Marion Z.    


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Ways You Can Be of Service


This column is devoted to ways you can serve your life and the world. Never do we want to stuff pain, thinking it will go away if we refuse to acknowledge it. When we refuse to deal with our pain in a healthy way, it only hurts us more. When we close our hearts to allow the pain to pass through, we also close our hearts to love and joy.

            Neither do we want to negate our pain or that of others. Pain is part of the human experience that none of us are immune to. What we do need though are ways to deal with our pain when it seems to overwhelm us. These following seven suggestions are to help you work through pain, grief, anxiety, anger, depression, fear -- any suffering that takes you away from love and the joy of life.

            It is important that you heal -- for your sake and for that of others. To learn more about this statement, read "Healing the Pain."

Breathe: Thich Nhat Hanh teaches us to use the breath to relax by thinking "relax" when we breathe in and "let go" when we breathe out. We can modify this by thinking, "I breathe in "love," I breathe out depression/anger/grief/anxiety/fear and so on. Soon our consciousness mind relaxes, and we hear ourselves saying, "I breathe in love and I breathe out love." Then we just relax, thinking ceases, and we leave the place of pain.

Guided Meditations: Keep a favorite guided meditation near, so when you feel overwhelmed, you can relax into its calmness. There are several on the market that you can purchase including a half dozen on my website (with 20 plus titles ready to be added soon), or there is a free download in February's The Spiritual Path. Back issues are available at www.dianarankin.com. Look under the sign-up for the newsletter.

Journaling: Begin with writing down why you are in pain. Go ahead and blame everyone you want, including yourself, and then move past the blame and start mining the gifts, which are often hidden in the lessons we must learn in life. Write about why you are in this situation and what it brings to your life. Write about what pattern, if any, is at play here and what you need to do to change the pattern. Write until you have reached a place of calm understanding. Write about your loss until you go beyond the pain and reach a place of gratitude and joy.

Call a friend: Especially when we are experiencing grief, we must have a support group to which we can turn during those awful times of our deepest grieving. We don't need a friend to fix it. Grief cannot be fixed. We do need a friend to just be there, because the human heart, when broken, must be tenderly held in love until we can mend it back together.

Prayer: The words spoken silently or aloud are never as important as the emotion of the prayer. We may simply say, "help." That is enough. Once you say a prayer, become the high witness and watch yourself as you go through the experience. Keep in mind that you are the one having the experience; you are not the experience. If you are the one having the experience (and not the experience itself), you can at any time choose a different experience.

Sob: Sometimes we need to just let the tears flow without reservation until we are spent. Rest and sleep are helpful at this point.

Primal scream: This scream is one long scream from the toes up to the top of the head and beyond that shakes and shatters every cell of our body. It begins from the deepest pain in our heart and moves in and through our entire being until we are spent. This releases the pain from our bodies, which begins the healing process. Laughter or tears of release often follow this scream.

This scream should not be done by people with high blood pressure or other medical conditions. You should never, ever scream until you feel dizzy or faint. That is not the purpose of the primal scream. Do not practice primal screams in the near proximately of people unless you first let them know what you are doing. This scream is so powerful that you will scare others into thinking you are in danger.





Healing the Pain  


We are both human and spiritual beings. The spiritual part of who we are lives in joy; the human part of us experiences the joy . . . but to experience the joy, we also take on the experience of a whole set of human emotions, some of which we judge painful. We just down right hurt and we don't like it. Whether the suffering comes from grief, an illness, disappointments, or a myriad of painful experiences, we hurt and we hurt deeply and sometimes we can't understand why the pain doesn't seem to lift.

It is because we are healing on multiple levels and because as we heal we are helping to heal and evolve the world. This is big stuff. I mean BIG stuff.

Let's start with the multiple levels. On the first level, we all have childhood issues, some of which are horrendous; some of which come from that which we understood as a child, but when revisited as an adult, we can see through different eyes; some of which hurt us as children because we were so innocent and unable to protect ourselves, but all of which we -- as a soul agreed to take on, which brings us to the next level.

At this level, we visit the soul line. This is every life experience we have had so far and are yet to have, all of which can be healed and rewritten. In our travels through our multiple lives, we have had experiences where we have been harmed or have caused harm to others. Either way, we -- as a soul -- may have chosen in this life to heal the harm by experiencing it for the understanding of it or because we were unable to heal it in other life experiences and are now taking it on again for healing.

The next level is the healing of ancestral wounds. We carry within us the genes of our parents and their parents and the parents of their parents, and so on. We are the collective DNA pattern of all of our ancestors going back to the beginning of time . . . including the ancestral patterns of all our ancestors throughout all our lives experienced by our soul.

My heritage in this life is Celtic, Irish and Scot-Irish, and Delaware Indian. The ancestral healing is that of betrayal. I have seen this played out in my life. Looking at my life from my soul's story, I understand why I chose my family. My father abandoned our family when I was two and my brother only a couple years older. Although I lived with my mother part time and full time when I was older, I lived much of my early childhood with my grandparents while my brother lived with our mother. My human self has struggled with abandonment issues while my spiritual self understands the healing that is taking place as I continue the healing on the human level.

As I heal these abandonment issues from my childhood and grow to understand they were chosen by me as a soul so that I might help to heal my ancestral patterns of betrayal, I am able to release any suffering that has come about because of feeling abandoned or betrayed. At the same time as I heal my pain that the little girl Diana suffered, that the young woman Diana suffered, that I suffered, I am also helping to heal all women and men who have felt abandoned and betrayed.

How can this be? We are all connected. Go back to the ancestral healing, all the way back. If we trace our DNA, which science is now able to do, we find amazing connections among people. As science advances, we may find that we all come from a common genetic ancestry. But that's only one way we are all connected. We are also connected in the Divine Energy, that which all is made of. Whether we call ourselves light beings, God seeds, or spiritual beings, we are all part of the Divine Energy, which brings us to the importance of being aware of how we live our lives.

Think of your brain. Now think of a thought as being a streak of energy, like a lightening shooting across the sky. Every time you have a thought, this streak of energy shoots across your brain. After a while, your brain has grooves worn into it from the same type of thoughts, which have formed a thought pattern. Once a though pattern is set, it is harder to change because every time you are in a trigger situation, your thoughts automatically run toward those grooves. These thought pattern grooves are from experiences in this life and from your ancestral lineage. But is doesn't stop here.

We also carry the DNA of our gender and of our nationality. Again, if we look at our lives from our human viewpoint, we feel the pain of gender issues and societal-regulated roles. Seeing these issues from a soul perspective, we are able to understand our role in the healing. One of the greatest examples in our lives today is that of Malala Yousafza, the 14-year old girl in Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban when she was walking home from school because she had dared to speak out and act for the rights of girls to be educated. As a human, her suffering is unimaginable, as is that of her family. As a spiritual being, she may understand she is helping to heal and evolve the need for education for females in this part of our world.

We are all on this planet with a soul mission to heal and evolve our lives and in doing so we heal and evolve our world. We heal by changing our patterns, at times one breath and one step at a time. This is not easy work we do, but it is what we have come here to do. It is the work that takes us to joy.

The patterns of pain go deeper than our individual lives, but we experience the suffering in our human lives by our involvements and our direct relationship to the patterns. Because of the depth of the pain and the depth of the pattern, healing takes time and work. Indeed it is the work of our lives, and although often challenging, it need not be unbearable. Certainly some pain is more difficult to heal than others. We can heal fairly rapidly from the loss of a job, but not from the excruciatingly painful loss of a child. Yet even with this unthinkable grief weighing heavy on a parent's shoulders, many have used the grief to reach out to help others.

This is the healing. As we heal, we can then reach out to help heal others. We cannot heal the other, but we can provide tools for the other to use, a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold, and an understanding of the other's suffering from one who has been there. We may not always understand our pain or the suffering of the world. We may never do anything we think is helping to evolve the world, and yet every time -- every time -- we exchange a moment of pain for a moment of joy, we are changing the old patterns and healing the suffering by evolving our world one breath, one step, one thought at a time.




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