February 11,  2013



The Winner Is...

Congratulations to this month's winner of a free psychic reading/life coaching session with Diana -- as a special Valentine's Day gift there are two winners -- Treva Warrick-Compton and Claudia!

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"I was thrilled when I learned I'd won a free psychic reading with Diana Rankin, as I'd been following her for quite a while on Facebook. I didn't know quite what to expect, but I felt very comfortable talking with her and her accuracy and insight was amazing! Diana helped bring clarity to things I was feeling inside, but didn't know how to express. As I make plans and goals for 2013, I find myself thinking back to things she told me and referring to the notes I took during our reading. Much like a "road map" I use as a point of reference and a guide to what I need to work on and where I hope to be in the future. Diana told me that 2013 will be all about me "finding my voice." As someone who grew up being extremely shy and, even as an adult, not one to feel entirely comfortable expressing my true opinion, I find this to be extremely exciting!"

Thank you again, Diana!

Cindy Adkins 




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Do You Know these Animal Facts?

The northern wheatear, a songbird, winters in Africa and nests in Canada. The flight across the Atlantic Ocean is 4,600 miles. The only bird known to migrate this far, flies an average of about 180 miles each day.

Did You Know . . .?
Coyotes never cheat on their mates, at least that's true of the coyotes in a six-year study in urban Chicago. The reason, according to co-author of the study, Stanley Gehrt, a wildlife ecologist at Ohio State University, may be because the mates partnered in raising the young.






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This month, intuition is on my mind, probably because of the Awakening to Your Deepen Intuition weekend workshop coming up in March. As I go over notes, make preparations, and shop for supplies, I think about my own journey, the journey of other psychics I know, and why I feel so passionate about helping people develop their intuition in a safe, inspiring, and truthful manner.

               Opening to the deeper levels within ourselves - whether intentionally or by "accident" - can be downright scary at times. We can become unnerved when we start receiving messages from people who others can't see or strange things begin to happen around us, such as radios turning on by themselves or pictures we straightened five minutes ago are once again crooked, or dreams that seem real, or knowing something is going to happen before it happens, or a million other ways life tries to give us clues about our lives. It can be scary if we don't understand what is going on. It can also be joyful, and this is what I want everyone to experience - the joy.

                There is absolutely no reason to be frightened of our own intuition, which is where an understanding of what is going on and knowing we are the one in charge is needed. We need to be able to use our intuition to make our lives better, and this is where training and a refinement of your innate intuitive ability comes in handy.

                I wish every one of you could join us in the Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition workshop. For those who can't, I sincerely hope the information in this newsletter will be of help to you as you awaken to and deepen your intuition in a loving, safe, joy filled, and exciting way. Blessings on your journey.

                By the way, there's a free download for a guided meditation by me for Creating Love. Keep reading to find the link.




Phillip's Wisdom


Your teacher is within you, but you must know how to tap into your inner wisdom. To guide others, you must first be able to guide yourself. This requires the knowledge of your inner world. When we learn the richness of our inner world, we begin to evolve our outer world in the direction of our dreams. You must learn how to allow life to live through you instead of just letting life happen to you. This is the richness of understanding your inner world.

                All beings have instinct. It is inherent in all nature. Instinct refined is intuition. Intuition refined is psychic ability. Not all beings are to be psychic in this one lifetime. All beings are to use - and to develop - their intuition to its highest level. In this way, they are better able to guide their lives, and in turn, guide the lives of those who come under their care.

                Again, we emphasis that intuition is developed through development of the inner world. This is done thorough means that takes you into the realms of the mind too often reserved only for poets and painters.

                Once the mind begins to open, guides can appear. A guide is helpful in a multitude of ways. A guide protects your safety as you are guided through different realms of your inner world and different dimensions of existence. A guide is also a friend who speaks with you, consoles you, and helps you grow. A guide confides secrets to you that are locked in your memory from the ages.

                 You must develop a friendship with your guide in much the same way you develop a friendship with people. Spend time with one another, respect one another, and dialogue with one another.  



Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition Weekend Workshop March 8 - 10 


This workshop is an intensive 3-day workshop to help to activate, deepen, and direct your natural intuition. Using your intuition more effectively will help you better navigate through the ups and downs of life.

          In this workshop, you will --  

*     Meet your Spirit Guides and learn how to dialogue with them

*     Talk with loved ones who have passed over

*     Learn how to trust your own intuitive guidance

*     Learn how to tap into the universal life force

*     Understand how to read messages from your own body

*     Work with nature to learn how to read nature's messages

*     Learn about the messages and metaphors of life and how the world around you is always gifting you with clues as to which direction is right for you.

          Your life will never be the same after experiencing this powerful workshop.  

          Who will benefit from this workshop? You will if you want to develop, deepen and train your natural abilities to use for the betterment of your life and that of others.   

           For more information, or to register, click HERE



Ways You Can Be of Service -- To Yourself

This is the month of Valentine's Day, the day lovers celebrate one another. Although February 14th 

always meant my mother's birthday, my cat's birthday, and at one time my boyfriend's birthday, I've always been too busy celebrating other people's birthdays to think much about a day for celebrating lovers. Besides, I'm not a great fan of celebrating what I call Hallmark card holidays. So, with this in mind, I thought this month, we all needed ways of celebrating ourselves. After all, service to life begins with ourselves and so does love.               

          So with this in mind, try the following and let me know what you think. I always like hearing from you.

  • Buy yourself a card that you'd like to receive, and then write yourself a note that says how much you love and appreciate you. Then mail the card to yourself. You'll be surprised how good it feels to receive the card even though you know you wrote it.
  • Light a candle; sit quietly with your feet flat on the floor, your spine straight, and your hands resting comfortably in your lap; and breathe deeply all the way in through the diaphragm, watching the breath move up into your lungs, and then releasing the breath all the way out. Repeat the deep breath a couple of times until you feel yourself relaxing.

Imagine you are in the center of a beautiful, translucent bubble. Now imagine you can see another bubble. Inside that bubble is someone who loves you, but you can't quite see that person. From that person in the other bubble, you feel such deep love and acceptance. You feel cherished. You begin to move toward that bubble while that bubble moves toward you. You can see a figure in the bubble, but you are unable to see who it is. As you move closer, the two bubbles touch and a third bubble forms between your bubble and that of the bubble that's been moving toward you.

Now step into this third bubble and watch as the other person does the same. There is so much light you can barely make out the form of the other person, but you feel even more loved and cherished. Then he/she begins to come into focus, and you realized the person who loves and cherishes you so deeply is you. Accept this knowing with deep gratitude dance with one another.

Give yourself a hug and then let the bubbles disappear as you return to your breath and leave the meditation, bringing with you the knowing that your true self loves and cherished your human self in all her/his humanness, flaws and all.

For a free download of the guided meditation "Dancing with Love," CLICK HERE

  • Paste a photo of yourself onto a piece of paper or cardboard. Now draw 8 to 12 arrows facing toward your photo. On each arrow, write a life-affirming statement about yourself, such as, "I am lovable," "I am fun," or "I am deserving of great wealth." Make your artwork colorful or put it into a nice frame. Put your new photo where it's the last thing you see before falling asleep and the first thing you see when you wake. Throughout the day, remind yourself of all the life-affirming things you have written about yourself.
  • Take a risk and treat yourself to something you've always wanted to do, but were afraid to do. Write in a journal how you felt before taking the risk, what you did to give yourself permission to take the risk, and how you felt after. Most likely you felt pretty good about yourself for taking a risk and doing something good for yourself, so review those notes from time to time, especially the ones that remind you how good you felt about yourself.
  • At least once a day, thank yourself for being who you are, and be sure to tell yourself that you love you.
  • At the end of each day, write down three reasons you are grateful you are you. Do this every day for a month. It will change your life.



Seven Ways to Awaken Your Intuition and Activate Your Psychic Powers

Developing your intuition is a healthy way to take charge of your life and use your own inner psychic powers to guide your life to greater happiness and fulfillment. Following are seven ways to awaken your intuition and activate your psychic powers. Each is designed to help you get past the brain patterns you've created with your normal thinking. These methods mix up your thinking process in order to help you reach deeper levels of your intuition and find your psychic powers.


1. Open to Spirit and develop an awareness of your own inner world through meditation, prayer, and a loving desire to live a life of service to all living beings and the planet. You'll be amazed at the richness and joy you'll experience as you tap into your inner world. Children are especially adept at exploring their inner worlds, so take your child - or your inner child - on an exploration of the wonders of meditation and deep prayer.

Begin with the intent that you wish to explore the place of love within you. Use a guided meditation CD, music, or meditative breathing. As relaxation spreads throughout your body, allow yourself to experience the love that you are, the truth of who you are. Begin deep prayer work by thanking Spirit for your life and that which is in your life, then relax and ask that it be revealed to you the ways you can be of service to life and live a greater, more expanded and exalted life.


2. Build up the pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres with easy-to-do crossover exercises. Cross the right hand over the front of your body and tap the left foot seven or eight times. Then, cross the left hand over the front of your body and tap the right foot seven or eight times. Repeat the exercises, but this time cross your hand over the back of your body.

Practice doing things with your non-dominate hand, such as opening doors, brushing your hair or teeth, or even writing. In addition to opening more pathways in your brain for intuition, you're also creating more brain power for problem solving and critical thinking skills.


3. Heighten the awareness of each of your five senses. Intuition may be called the sixth sense, but if our five senses are dull, we can't expect the sixth sense to be sharp. Our lives offer an endless playground for our five senses. Mix up your five senses. Begin by holding an object, any object, such as a stone or piece of cloth. Become intimate with that object. Look at it until you can see it with your eyes closed. Then ask yourself what the object tastes like.

Use your imagination. You don't actually have to put the object into your mouth and taste it. Once you've gone through all five senses, mix it up and ask yourself questions such as:

What color is the taste? or What does the object's sound feel like? Then go to the next level and ask yourself questions such as: If this object could speak, what wisdom about my life would it tell me?


4. Become aware of the whispers from Spirit by becoming more aware of life in each moment. Be open to receiving information and guidance to help make your life better. Nature is a wonderful teacher for intuition. Pay attention to the animals that cross your path and the winged ones who grab your attention. If you live in the center of the Midwest and a flock of seagulls dip and dive all around you, listen. Are they asking you to let go of your worries and soar with them?

Nature is alive with stone people, cloud people, tree people, and a myriad of others who speak to us all the time. We only need to listen.


5. Journal and dialogue with that which is greater than you: God, Goddess, a spirit guide, an angel, the highest self of someone you love and trust who has passed over. Choose a regular time to meet. Following morning meditation is ideal. Use your favorite blank journal, and just start writing, or if you're a visual learner, draw. It doesn't matter what you write, just write, or draw, and keep on going for about three pages. It usually takes about three pages to get past the objections in your mind that keeps you from accessing your deeper nature.

You'll feel the shift, and once you do, write a question, then write the answer. Don't judge the answer as you write, just write down the words that come to you. This is a subtle process.

             Don't expect shouts. Trust what comes. Later, go back and read what you wrote. You'll be amazed at the wisdom that comes through your inner world.


6. Play intuitive games with yourself and others. Before getting into line at the bank or market, ask yourself which line is the quickest. Gather a group of photographs of different people that are all the same size, turn them upside down, and then guess whose picture is on the other side of each photograph. Use your intuition to stay safe. I live in deer country. Every time I feel the deer near, I slow down. Sure enough, deer will be around the next corner or over the next hill.


7. Let go of control and surrender to that part of yourself that is connected to Spirit. None of us are in control of life, but we are in charge of our lives. We can choose to experience life to its fullest. Or not. We can choose to be grateful for what we have. Or not. We can choose to live a life of service to our own lives and to all humanity. Or not.

Trying to hold control is like trying to stop a river from flowing. Taking charge of your life is becoming the master of your own destiny, flowing with the river and laughing all the way, and allowing your intuition to guide you to a greater, more fulfilling life.

These steps to awaken to your deeper intuition and activate your psychic powers take time and practice. Be patient and loving with yourself. Tapping into your intuition comes in its own time, but comes only after you take the steps toward your own greater self.




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