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Did You Know . . .?

The sun erupted with a spectacular New Year's Eve show of its own. According to astronomers, the sun is in an active phrase of an 11-year cycle, with the activity level expected to reach its peak in 2013.


     NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured a video of the four-hour solar event:





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Welcome to 2013


We have turned the calendar into the new year - 2013 - which brings with it a great excitement for that which is to come while also allowing us to remember in reverence that which we leave behind.

          The year past has been a trying year for many and certainly for the U.S. and for the world. We welcome 2013 with hope, yet we know that we face many challenges - global warming, debt crisis, health care trials, escalating violence. Still, in spite of the challenges we face as a nation and as a world, I believe those in the future will look back at us and see this time as a great shift in our humanity.

          As we become the ancestors and the history of a forgone era, we will be seen as ushering in a time when people listened to their inner stirrings and answered the call to become their greatest self. In doing so, we become a society of sharing, using and repurposing that which we have instead of worshiping the newest material possession. We become better stewards of our planet instead of using her resources to extinction. We live with greater awareness of all sentient beings and offer our hands rather than our backs to others.

          We let go of our own fears of what is between the past and the unknown future and we step forward with courage, fortitude and certainty that we are on our right path, even when we do not know where that path is taking us. We step up and step out as we are called to a greater awareness of ourselves, our life's work, and our commitment to help usher in a time of greater humanity, a time of greater compassion for - and kindness to - all. We help to usher in a time of peace and harmony for our planet.

          I vow to you to do my best to live up to my calling this year of 2013. I ask that you help me hold the energy to do so as I will hold the energy for you. We are not in this alone, but together, and together we will move in a direction that when the future looks back at us they will know a shift to greater humanity took place and that we, their ancestors, made it possible for them to live in greater harmony among themselves and with all life. 



Phillip's Wisdom


This new year brings forth opportunities to show your growth and opportunities to demonstrate greater humanity to all beings and to the world. At times it may feel as though you do not have the strength to do all that is asked of you. Know that you do.

                This will be the year that tests your truths and beliefs. All will be asked to stand on and stand for that which you value. In this, friends will become foes and foes will become friends. Whether friend or foe, compassion, patience, and reaching within yourself to find understanding of the other will be called for.

                Be aware of what you speak, but speak you must. This will become clear as the year unfolds. This is not a year to be shy about your values, but one to allow others to know of your beliefs without forcing your values and beliefs on the other, but instead to speak of them with conviction, listen to those whose values and beliefs are different, and to find the common ground of understanding.

                This is not a year to be caught in the ego's need to always be right, but a year to let your Higher Power of your Divine Guidance lead you to seek answers of collective understanding and helpfulness. This is true of whether speaking of two individuals seeking harmony or a nation within itself or nations of the world.

                The common good of all must be sought. There is no other way.

                The feminine energy of peace will - and must - prevail over the strife this year will bring, and strife you will see and yet you will also experience much harmony. The world is splitting itself, so strife will continue - and escalate - as each of you reach for harmony.

                The shift to obtain peace in your world has taken place. Harmony for each individual is at hand. As each individual accepts harmony and lives the meaning of this peace, this becomes the collective whole. Peace for all, your world will then know.

                This year you will notice a narrowing of the divisions between people and between nations. This will not always seem so, but true understanding and healthy compromise will be the order of the year.

                This year will be the last remnants of the old order as the new harmony begins to permeate each life and each nation. At times it may seem that permeation may be a trickle, but a trickle is the beginning of a crack that grows larger into a stream that flows into the ocean.

                The outer world evolves as each individual evolves. You grow your world as you grow yourself.






Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition Weekend Workshop March 8 - 10 


This workshop is an intensive 3-day workshop to help to activate, deepen, and direct your natural intuition. Using your intuition more effectively will help you better navigate through the ups and downs of life.

          In this workshop, you will --  

*     Meet your Spirit Guides and learn how to dialogue with them

*     Talk with loved ones who have passed over

*     Learn how to trust your own intuitive guidance

*     Learn how to tap into the universal life force

*     Understand how to read messages from your own body

*     Work with nature to learn how to read nature's messages

*     Learn about the messages and metaphors of life and how the world around you is always gifting you with clues as to which direction is right for you.

          Your life will never be the same after experiencing this powerful workshop.  

          Who will benefit from this workshop? You will if you want to develop, deepen and train your natural abilities to use for the betterment of your life and that of others.   

           For more information, or to register, click HERE



Ways You Can Be of Service

A new year is a time to reflect on the year past and what we want for the year ahead. It is a time to think about and act on the ways we want to live our lives. This is not an easy time we are living through as we create the new story for our planet and humanity. Our lives are busy and fuller than we sometimes know what to do. We don't have time to do all we feel we need - or want - to do for our own lives and those of our families. How can we possibly be of service to others?

                That thinking keeps us from using our lives to be of service to our world. When we give to others, we add so much to our world. And it doesn't have to take a lot of time. Here are three ways you can give back and be of service in meaningful ways without spending a lot of time and no money:

  • If you're on Facebook or another social media, share those postings that uplift you; share postings of lost people and animals or people and animals in need of help in your region of the country or nationally if you have friends in other areas. Also, use social media to help promote the products of friends and people in whom you believe in such as telling your friends about this newsletter.
  • When you hear of someone who needs help or you know of someone who needs to be uplifted, simply say the person's name and say, "I bless you." Then add, "And I bless myself." This simple prayer helps to change the energy for the other and for yourself as well. Use this prayer when you hear a siren for the first responders as well as those to whom they are responding.
  • If you live in the country, as I do, you often see animals along the road who lost their lives to a vehicle. A simple prayer will help heal your heart as well as clear the energy for that animal's transition. Here's my prayer: "I bless you; I bless the one who took your life; I bless all who partake of your giveaway; and I bless myself."







How to Keep Those New Year's Resolutions


They're easy to make . . . and just as easy to break - those New Year's resolutions. But you don't have to break your New Year's resolutions. Think of your resolutions as a promise to yourself. Give some thought to what you really want to change, and then give yourself permission to make the changes. The rest is practice.

Here are the tips that will help you keep those resolutions.


Make Your Resolutions Realistic

It's easy to promise yourself that you'll lose weight, meditate twice a day every day, get out of debt, be more compassionate to yourself and others, get organized, etc., but if you really don't want to do any of these, you'll last about a week, if that.

                Make a list of those things you do want to change in your life, and then narrow the list down to one thing. That's right one thing. We often overwhelm ourselves with trying to revamp our whole life. Start easy. You can always make another resolution in a few months once you have mastered the one you are making to yourself now.


Create a Visual Reminder and Track Your Success

                A visual reminder such as a vision board or simple chart helps motivate you on those days you do not want to keep to your resolution. Let's say that you've vowed to walk every day. Make a simple chart or use a calendar with a space where you can write down the time spent walking and the length of the walk. Track your success so you have a visual representation of your progress.


Visualize the Steps Along the Way as well as Your Goal

                Spend a few moments before you go to sleep and visualize your goal and the reward that awaits you when you reach your goal. From your goal, visualize the step you need to take tomorrow to help you reach that goal. You may not know the step, but as you are visualizing your goal, ask for tomorrow's step to be revealed, and it will come. It may be quite clear or it may be vague, but do your best. It will get easier as you continue.

                 Repeat the process when you first wake in the morning. Then take that step toward your goal.


Replace and Reward

                Resolutions are hard to keep because we fall back into our old patterns until we are able to rewrite the old pattern. Replace the old habit you want to break with a new habit. For example, if you want to stop eating so much sugar, replace the sugary food with a satisfying and healthier food such as a cup of herb tea and a little bit of honey. Then give yourself a reward - which can be a short-term reward such as calling a friend to have them give you an atta girl or atta boy - or a long term reward such as saving the money or donating the money spent on sugar snacks.


Never Quit Because of a Setback

                Setbacks are part of changing our ways. When you find yourself procrastinating instead of getting it done, return to your visual chart and to visualizing the goal and tomorrow's step to that goal. And never beat yourself up because you got off track. Just gently-and firmly-bring yourself back.


Make it Fun

                Enjoy the journey. If you have fun along the way, life will have its own rewards. 



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Awakening to Your Deeper Intuition

An intensive 3-Day Workshop to activate and deepen your intuition to help you navigate through the ups and downs of live.


March 8 - 10, 2013

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Diana Rankin
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