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  • Life Coach and Psychic Reader
  • Author & Speaker
  • Transformational Leader
  • Corporate Seminar Facilitator
  • Animal Communicator
  • Healer
  • University Instructor 

The potential to live a greater life exists within each of us–a life of fulfilling purpose and service to the world where every moment is lived in gratitude just for being alive. This I believe and have dedicated my life to helping others live fulfilling, meaningful, and even magical lives. Throughout this website, you'll find information and tools (most of it free) that will help you life your greatest life. You'll also learn about events where I'll be (many for a donation only) and workshops I'm offering. Click on the Blog across the top for informational articles that might speak to you. Along the right column is a link to articles to answer your questions about life and help you grow. Along the left column is a sign up for our free newsletter. Please take advantage of both.

Thanks for taking your time to visit my website. I'm grateful you've come. Please browse through the site to learn more about how together we can help you make your life better. You deserve the best life you can live. Simply click on any of the bars across the top to access other screens.

Do You Need Healing? Whether you need physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing, healing prayers and energy will help you on your healing journey. Diana will add you to her healing prayer and energy list for 30 days. Simply send a message by clicking on "Contact" and asking for healing prayers and energy work. There is no charge for this healing service.

Calling All Animal Lovers Animal Lovers, click on to help fund food for animals. The corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned and neglected animals in exchange for advertising. _______________________________________________________________________

Something to Think About . . . "The road less traveled may seem to take us away from the dreams we once had for our lives when circumstances divert us from the paved highways onto graveled paths. Perhaps it is only after traveling the graveled lane for awhile that we can come to understand the road we chose brought us to a higher calling." From Diana's article "Musings of a Motorcycle Mystic"

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